Basic Computer Education (BCE) & Diploma in Computer Application (DCA)

Course details should be found on the syllabus send by DOT MULTIMEDIA
Course duration: 6 Month’s
30 Hours (Theory) 10 Hours (Practical) for BCE Course Rest time is for DCA Course
Minimum strength : 100+ students
Per student: 1000.00/- (one time non-refundable)


DCA CERTIFICATION (Course fee: Rs. 4500.00/-)
Two books ( fundamental & Ms. Office)
Computer Systems
Gift for 75% Student attendance
Updated Teachers
Student Feedback Number
5% amount for the college welfare fund
We are using Council Gradation For BCE Course (+2 Students Only).


DOT Institute Conduct this Program to literate all the rural area students with its own interest. We satisfy with this project because our students are eligible to get a job in any IT sector. DOT provides DCA (Diploma in Computer Application) Course & Certification, which is very helpful for those students who are living in poverty. Our motto is to build a healthy educated environment across our state & country.

So please Co-operate with us to make a better future for our Students.

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Chief Executive: Dipti Ranjan Das
Project Head: Chitta Ranjan Tripathy (N. Odisha)
Project Head: Rakesh Ku Dash (S. Odisha)
Project Coordinator: Chitta Ranjan Nayak
Asst. Project Coordinator: Jeevanrup Sahoo

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